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Who Are KazooBadoo Ambassadors?

Who Are KazooBadoo Ambassadors?

KazooBadoo Ambassadors are passionate and talented educators
who believe in the power of storytelling and the benefits of immersive learning. They are deeply committed to our social mission of addressing educational disparities by providing accessible, inclusive learning opportunities for all children. They are willing to support our platform in their classroom and champion the program throughout their school and community.

If you are a K-5 educator (home, school or administrator), interested in joining our community, please click register box below.  
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Benefits of Being a KazooBadoo Ambassador

Help Advance Education

By supporting our engaging, immersive platform.

Make a Social Impact

Because we provide inclusive access and learning opportunities for children of all backgrounds.

Build Your Brand and Professional Network

By becoming part of our online community and participating in conferences and events.

Receive Incentives and Discounts

By participating in our rewards program.

Opportunity to Monetize Your Lesson Plans

By submitting your curriculum for financial reward.
Power of storytelling in education

KazooBadoo Ambassadors

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