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Our Ambassadors

Kyle Kever

4th Grade Barnhart School Los Angeles, California Arcadia, CA

I cannot wait to use KazooBadoo in my classroom! I love how storytelling is brought to life in these lessons making learning more experiential. The world of KazooBadoo looks like a fun, welcoming place for children of all backgrounds and learning levels. Also, as a teacher, I’m very excited to be able to submit lessons and unit ideas that can be transformed into a story of their own. I’m excited to leverage KazooBadoo’s metrics and tracking tools- with the teacher portal, I will be able to track my students’ progress to see how they are doing on a particular standard, how engaged they are, what level they’re working at, and more.  Students love telling and reading stories, and with Kazoobadoo, students will have an opportunity to live and experience a story, while also learning key concepts and skills.

Kristi Hronek

5th Grade Life Science and Earth Science Teacher Department Chair Thousand Oaks High School California

As an educator, I am always looking for ways to not just teach my students content but rather, engage them in their learning. The innovative approach of KazooBadoo's immersive education program is the answer to this search. Immersive education is more than simply watching videos, reading text or viewing artifacts; it is an approach that places students in a virtual world where they investigate historical events from a first-person perspective. Learning through gaming is a creative adaptation of lessons and education to a changing generation of learners. I am excited to see what KazooBadoo has instore for my future students.

Emily Reinders

4th Grade Kinnikinnick School Roscoe, IL

KazooBadoo’s first hand learning experience will be an amazing opportunity for students to learn critical skills in a fun and engaging way. I love that KazooBadoo’s goal is to offer a range of subjects in their story based world, including social studies, language arts, and math.  I feel that KazooBadoo integrates many modes of learning and allows teachers the ability to plan and assign lessons targeted to students' needs.

Deanne Bostrom

4th & 5th grade White Oak Elementary School Westlake Village, CA

As an elementary school teacher, I cannot wait to utilize KazooBadoo in my classroom! The engagement opportunity for students is beyond any other learning platform. KazooBadoo plans on offering a wide variety of subjects, including science, social studies and mathematics. The program will allow students to feel a part of these subjects and make the content come to life. The teacher portal will also allow for valuable data to help drive classroom instruction. I am excited to utilize these lessons with my students.

Lorna Maxwell

5th White Oak Elementary Westlake Village, CA

The “fantastical, immersive, experiential” KazooBadoo platform appeals to a child’s natural sense of creativity, curiosity, and wonder.  My 5th grade students love learning in this manner, especially when fun and gaming is involved!  I am excited to be a KazooBadoo ambassador, and am looking forward to using this innovative new program in my classroom.