How do I sign up/register?

Students/learners can sign up with a school/class code and enjoy our free to play beta. To play at home, a parent needs to register for a ‘Home Account’ and link each child’s name to that account. Click on “Home Account” and you’ll be guided through the registration process. Parents create a home account where they sign up for the free parent portal and connect their child/children’s accounts to it. Parents will then enjoy our extensive parent portal which provides great data about your child’s play. Click on the ‘Home Account’ section of registration and you’ll be guided through the registration steps. Educators can sign up to enjoy our free offering to receive registration codes for their students to experience our lesson quests for free. Educators will then be able to submit lesson content, upload resources tied to our lessons, or sign up to teach live sessions. Educators will also have access to detailed data metrics and analytics about each student’s experience on KazooBadoo.

I can’t find my account?

Go to the registration page and click on account on the top right corner to see your account details. Your account is tied to your email address, and if you cannot remember your password, you can click "forgot my password".

How do I access my child’s account?

By signing up for a Home Account and following the registration process, parents link their child’s account to the home account. Parents are then linked to their child’s account and enjoy our extensive parent portal which provides great data about your child’s play.

How do I get an account to use in my classroom?

Educators can go through the educator registration and be guided through acquiring a special code for use in their classroom. The code can then be used by students in the educator's class, and the educator will have access to our metrics and analytics data.

How do I register for a school account?

Schools that sign up will be provided with unique codes for each of their classrooms. Teachers will be able to use the codes provided for all the students in their classroom.

What devices does KazooBadoo support?

Currently, we support KazooBadoo on all Windows, Android and Chrome devices. You may access KazooBadoo apps for those devices via the Google Store. We are not yet supporting KazooBadoo for Apple devices. Our IOS app is in the works and will be available soon on the Apple Store for Macs, MacBooks, iPads, and other Apple devices. Please check back soon!


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